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Bore safe flechette sabot and flechettes


Our 12 ga flechette sabot ammunition is assembled using our patented M1 sabot with new flechettes, hulls, and powder. Each assembled round features the latest iteration of the patented M1 sabot holding all the small arms grade flechettes points forward. The M1 sabot is designed for bore safe protection of the weapons barrel and for consistant flechettes release performance. It maintains the flechettes critical bore alignment and release consistancy for performance unattainable by homemade type loads using birdshot wads, granulated fillers, and card closures.

Flechettes made for small arms ammunition


The flechettes packed into the M1 sabot are new hardened small arms grade made specifically for this ammunition. They have sharper and more concentric points, stronger shafts, and thicker fins. Our small arms grade flechettes insure higher performance and longer ranges than normally seen in this type of ammunition. The commonly available surplus flechettes salvaged from canister munitions are generally inferior for small arms use,they are poorly hardened and have weak fins and shafts that will bend when fired in a shotgun shell. They have points that often non-concentric and dull. These defects add up to extreme dispersal around the aim point and generally poor terminal performance.

Flechette ballistic gel test block right side live impact sequence

Flechette ballistic gel penetration cavitation side view

Flechette ballistic gel penetration cavitation side view close-up


Our flechette sabot ammunition weighs approximately half that of conventional 9 ball lead 00-buckshot cartridges, allowing you to carrying twice as many rounds of our flechette ammo for the same weight in buckshot. Our flechette sabots with 19 steel flechettes have 211 percent more projectiles than conventional 9 ball lead 00-buckshot, with an equally higher probability of kill (P/K) or incapacitating hit (I/H) at all your engagement ranges. The small arms grade flechettes we make for our M1 series flechette sabot are hundreds of times more aerodynamically efficient compared to the antiquated deformed lead balls fired in buckshot. And they have exemplary superior penetration performance and accuracy at all engagement ranges for soft targets.

Flechette ammunition specification & engagement ranges


Our flechette sabot ammunition performs like a slug untill the projectiles are released. For accuracy the recommended sights are adjustable ghost ring or optical, zeroed at 20 meters with 1 ounce slugs. Aimpoints for ranges up to 20 meters should be slightly lower (10-12 inches) than center of mass, at 40 meters aimpoint should be center of mass, and at 60 meters and beyond top of mass adjusted upward for drop compensation. These are general recommendations for aimpoints and if you are unfamilar with flechette ammunition we suggest you start at 5 meters and adjust your aiming accordingly. Improved cylinder bore choke smaller than recommended may disrupt the sabot assembly and distort the pattern, giving inconsistant results. The recommended MINIMUM cylinder bore choke diameter is 0.725 inches, or larger. DO NOT USE rifled barrels or rifled chokes with flechette sabot ammo for LONG RANGE TARGETS, the flechettes will spread widely due to the sabot spin-up from the rifling and radial dispersal of the flechette projectiles upon release and will group poorly at long ranges.

Flechette sabot ammunition functions best in pump-action shotguns having a cylinder bore choke, as found in most govenment service or security shotguns with barrel lengths from 6 to 20 inches. The current production load WILL NOT FUNCTION in most gas or inertia operated semi-automatic shotguns like the Remington 11-87, Mossberg 930, Beretta, and Benelli M-2 or M-4. It has been reported to function in the FN special purpose and some Saiga 12's. A fully functional semi-automatic load is under development and will be released for sale pending patent issuance.

Flechette projectile 8 grain

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